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New EP "Mycelium" released

The essence of this EP delves into the mystical world of fairy rings, those captivating natural formations spawned by underground fungal networks. These networks, predominantly led by species like Marasmus oreades, extend outward from a central point, nourishing themselves with organic matter as they sprawl. Their expansion yields nutrients, prompting lush grass growth along the network's periphery, fashioning the signature ring shape.

In folklore and myth, fairy rings are often ascribed to the whims of fairies, elves, and other fantastical beings, hence their evocative name. Across diverse cultures, these rings are steeped in notions of magic, enchantment, and spiritual import, serving as the muse for countless legends.

In the EP's final track, "Mycelium" which is name of the EP as well Delusive Relics collaborates with Juls Garat from Pilgrim of the Yearning. Delusive Relics, a duo helmed by Farhood Nik on male vocals, synthesizers, and composition, alongside Anis Oveisi on keyboards, invites Vanessa Hale to lend her vocals to "Fairy Ring" and "Climax," infusing the compositions with ethereal allure.


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